• Make Me w/ DJ Nobu, Konstantin, Pariah & GTZ @ Corsica Studios - 11th Jun
  • GTZ12 - Residents @ Corsica Studios
  • GTZ @ Bloc Festival
  • GTZ11 - Oxyd @ Rye Wax
  • GTZ10 - Secret Guest @ Rye Wax
  • GTZ09 - Rifts @ Canavan's
  • GTZ08 - Leah Floyeurs @ Rye Wax
  • GTZ07 - Secret Guest @ Rye Wax
  • GTZ06 - Residents @ Canavan's
  • GTZ05 - Mortise Tenon @ Rye Wax
  • GTZ04 - Marco Shuttle @ Canavan's
  • GTZ03 - Head Front Panel @ Canavan's
  • GTZ02 - Residents @ Rye Wax
  • GTZ01 - Residents @ Canavan's
Gateway To Zen Logo

Safer Space Initiative

Gateway To Zen is a party for people to enjoy music without fear of harassment or discrimination. We welcome diversity in our audience and work with our venues to create a safe space for everyone present; in return we ask that you respect these values and each other.

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let one of the GTZ promoters or venue staff know and we will try and resolve the issue. We also encourage our crowd to look out for one another and to report unacceptable behaviour if it occurs.

Gateway To Zen welcomes your input and feedback on this policy. We don't think that parties should come with a rulebook, but do believe that they are much more enjoyable when people are mutually respectful.